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MyDrive Solutions is the leading driver profiling company. We analyse driver behavioural data for the benefit of insurance companies.

Assess individual driver risk

Assess individual driver risk

MyDrive provides an end-to-end insurance telematics solution which enables insurers to fully understand the way their policyholders drive and therefore the risk they present.

Optimise motor insurance premiums

Optimise motor insurance premiums

Our granular solution gives insurers the power to choose the telematics proposition for their business and offer Usage-Based Insurance where drivers enjoy fairly priced insurance.

insurance customer loyalty and retention

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Insurers can build true brand loyalty and attract new customers by offering personalised rewards whilst encouraging safer driving habits.

We work with some great clients

Using Data Science and Software Engineering to create products that will define the future of insurance.

MyDrive deploys robust data science and analytics techniques to the challenges faced by insurance companies. Our profiling solution is the most granular proposition available on the market. It uses driver behaviour, contextualised to the underlying map, to provide motor insurers with the most detailed data about the driver’s capabilities.

Our Solution

Home-Data Analytics Data Science

Home-Telematics solution

Tailored telematics propositions for clients requirements.

Our end-to-end insurance telematics solution is scalable for small or large deployments in the future. We create accurate risk assessment profile of your individual customers and are working on providing our clients with valuable analytics for the purposes of pricing and claim management.

What MyDrive can do for your business

Providing benefits for insurers and customers alike.

Through the MyDrive Solutions App, we encourage safer driving styles especially among high-risk drivers, such as young drivers, and helps you reward your best drivers whilst staying competitive within your market.

What MyDrive can do for your customers

home-customer benefits

Changing the game through data analysis

MyDrive continuously invests in R&D to deliver cutting-edge data analytics capability in a variety of fields. As the Internet of Things proliferates, there is a potential to apply telematics technologies to smart homes, e-health, life and more.

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7 killer questions to ask your telematics provider

Telematics – February 16, 2016

MyDriveSolutions has worked with leading insurers to build insurance telematics propositions that work well and at very large scale. As a consequence of our experience,we have compiled the seven following questions, which must be answered by any business claiming to provide an insurance telematics solution.

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