Genertel, the direct insurer part of Generali Italia, has launched an innovative telematics insurance policy offering protection and assistance in the event of an accident rewarding safe driving behaviour with a discount at the renewal of the policy. The innovative solution is possible through a smartphone app and a Bluetooth-enabled device positioned on the windshield of the vehicle.

The connection between the device and the smartphone is achieved through the GoDifferent application developed by MyDrive Solution – a technology hub and telematics expert based in London and acquired by Generali in 2015.

The device detects the movement of the car and transmits data to the app that, through an algorithm, which evaluates the driving style (braking and acceleration, speed limits and of prediction of dangerous situations related to crossings, curves and straight roads). On the basis of the analysis the driver received personalised feedback and advice on how to improve the driving style and achieve the greatest possible discount.

If the car is driven by several people in the household, each of them can connect their smartphone to the windshield device depending on who is driving, thereby enabling the assistance services in case of need and contributing to the final driving score.

The feedback is timely and linked to GPS geolocation visible in the descriptive maps of the trip, including date, distance and duration.
GoDifferent ensures the immediate arrival of road assistance in the event of an accident. Genertel is alerted automatically in the event of a serious accident via the “panic button” on the device placed on the windscreen.

“Genertel has always been attentive to the topic of innovation, – says Manlio Lostuzzi, CEO of Genertel – We want to protect and reward our customers in a way that’s simple and smart, in this case, provided by a fast and handy telematic solution. It is important to know how to respond to the needs of customers who are increasingly digitised and who are looking for immediate and effective solutions”.