“A day in the life” is an ongoing series that features the different roles within the MyDrive company.

What does a typical day look like for a Product Manager? We sat down with Emma, our Lead Product Manager, to find out what it’s like to walk in her shoes.

Emma never really studied product management but had a natural evolution toward her current role. She started working for a Telecoms company and held different positions in both telemarketing and retail management. She then worked on some product projects and learned everything on the job. She is MyDrive’s first Product Manager.

8:00 a.m Heading to the office. I check any emergency e-mails and take a look through the different messages I’ve received since last night.

8:30 a.m At the office. Once I settle in, I reply to my e-mails and prep for the first meeting of the day.

9:00 a.m Daily stand-up. As part of my role, I work with a team of software and mobile engineers, project delivery managers and data scientists. My job is to provide the company with a roadmap which specifies what we should be developing and the appropriate technologies we should be looking into to deliver the right product/feature. We’re an agile company and our product updates are made in “releases”. For each release, there is a certain number of “tickets” to complete. During stand-up, we work out the daily tickets, the potential roadblocks and make sure the resources are allocated accordingly.

10:00 a.m Customer requirements. A new version of our app has been released on our test environment. I review our customer requirements document and make sure this version includes the new features, the fixed issues and the latest translation. I consult with our project delivery managers and either give a go or no-go to release the app to our customers. A product manager represents the voice of the customer and must think about the solution that will make a product simpler and smarter for this same customer.

11:00 a.m Support. At MyDrive, we have an all-hands support culture. I check if there are any recurring issues. If so, my job is to understand how I can improve our user experience.

12:15 p.m Lunch. Our office has a brand new kitchen and I usually bring my own lunch. I eat on our mezzanine with the rest of the team and we try not to talk about work! (I did say try!)

1:00 p.m Training. Every Monday, a slot is booked out in everyone’s diary for training purposes. Today, it’s my turn to present to the team. I bring the team up to speed on new features and show them the updated version of the roadmap.

2:00 p.m Planning meeting. Once a week, I meet with the team leaders to discuss next week’s priorities and plan the resources (the people we need) to deliver the roadmap.

3.00 p.m Communications. I have a weekly meeting with the Marketing & Product team. The team includes our Innovation Manager, our Marketing Manager and a Strategic Program Manager. The goal of this meeting is to make sure everyone is up-to-date on what’s happening. We also check the “idea board”. This board is shared with the entire company and everyone can add new development ideas.

3.45 p.m Product specifications. We’re currently working on a brand new feature for our mobile app. I sit down with one of our software engineers to answer a few questions about the spec details and we work out how we can go about with implementing it.

4:15 p.m Customer Meeting. I’m on the phone with one of our customer’s marketing team to discuss UX and UI design and to provide them with some recommendations.

4:45 p.m Documentation. I think it’s important for a product manager to be organised. I document the information shared/discussed today to make sure everyone knows where we’re heading.

5:15 pm Photography exhibition. I love photography so after work I head to this new photography exhibition in Central London with a few friends.

Available positions at MyDrive are advertised on our website, LinkedIn page, and Stack Overflow page.