“A day in the life” is an ongoing series that features the different roles within the MyDrive company.

Last week, I sat down with Mike Hefferan, our Senior Software Engineer to ask him a few questions about his role at MyDrive.

Hi Mike! Tell me, when did you join MyDrive? and why?

I joined MyDrive in March 2013. I had been with my previous company, specialising in online recruitment, for about 12 years so I was looking to move into a new area. When the opportunity with MyDrive came up I thought the project sounded really interesting. It was also a chance to work with cutting edge technologies.

What does a typical day at MyDrive involve?

It depends if I’m working at home or at the office. If I come into the office, I normally get an early train to work, maybe go to the pub for breakfast and do a bit of work down there and have a chat with my colleagues if they come in. I have then got my first standup to coordinate with the technical team and then a second one called standups of standups to talk to the other teams. During the day, I’ll do a mixture of different things: I’ll get together with the technical leaders and do some strategic and tactical planning for the different projects, then I’ll talk to some of our Solutions Delivery Managers about customers requirements and the projects they are working on.

Then I go for lunch, Chilango is our favorite place at the moment but we got a lot of choices around the office.

In the afternoon, I try and keep hands on with some of the technology. I might look into fixing some issues, doing code reviews… I normally leave relatively early but catch up on emails on the train, get home and put the kids to bed.

Could you describe the team that you work with?

I lead a team of 6 software engineers. They are split into 2 sub-teams: the application team (delivering solutions to customers) and the platform team (building tools and technologies that everyone can use to build the application on top of). We hire people who are really good communicators and who are experts in what they do and have strong opinions. It’s a great combination when you try to come up with the best solution as people have lots of different ideas.

What did you study to become a software engineer?

I studied Astrophysics at Birmingham University. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I liked maths and physics and there was a really strong computing part in my course. photo-1

What has your proudest achievement been since you’ve been here?

One of my proudest achievements is when the team does something that really surprises me and is better than I expected.

But obviously my #1 proudest moment is being at the top of the Darts league.

And finally, what gadget could you not live without? 

It will have to be my mobile phone, probably like most people. I can even respond to support calls and pagers. I can do everything with it.

Thank you Mike!

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