reports on our recent launch in Germany of Generali Mobility.

A key part of the Generali Mobility offer is the Generali Mobility app that provides insights into the individual’ driving behaviour. The telematics insurance proposition was launched in parallel with the introduction of the health plan Vitality – an incentive-based health promotion program.

The Generali Mobility proposition can be taken up in conjunction with the motor vehicle liability insurance as well as the partial or comprehensive insurance. The insurer collects data on the driving behaviour via a smartphone app geared towards helping policyholders to become better drivers. The technology was designed and developed by MyDrive Solutions in the UK. Among other things, the app evaluates speed, acceleration, cornering and braking driving behaviour. Contrary to the product of Allianz BonusDrive in Germany, which offers its telematics tariff only to people under 28 years, the proposition by Generali is open to everyone.

The article was first published on 13th September 2016 by here.