Here @MyDrive we are aware that not everyone in the world has the same possibilities of studying or sharpening their skills to be more competent in the professional environment.

That’s even more unfair when we focus on development/coding, mostly because of the global nature Internet gives to our professional environment.

Luckily @HackHands guys came with a really nice program. A special Africa Mentorship Program consisting on low-cost, remote pair programming sessions for mentees enrolled in the program.

Mentees can pick their favourite subject among a wide range of useful and carefully picked technologies like Ruby on Rails,Python or JavaScript (MEAN stack), then they are assigned a mentor and learning starts! (as far as Internet connectivity allows it, of course :))

Personally I’m finding it very rewarding and easy. My mentee is a really smart and enthusiastic girl that, when we had our first pairing session, she already had a lot of important concepts well understood. Our strategy therefore is that she goes through the Rails Tutorial Book by @Michael Hartl on her own and when she feels stuck or she has compiled a fair amount of questions then we schedule a new pairing session of, normally, less than an hour to unblock her and we both think that this is working great!

So we’d like to encourage all of you to schedule your week so that you can get one hour to help someone and, that way, give back a little bit of the love that the developers community gives us!