A couple of security vulnerabilities were announced this week which are worth noting.

The first was a vulnerability in SSL V3, which was nicknamed POODLE by the researchers who discovered it. This protocol is 18 years old, but was still widely supported. After the announcement, MyDrive removed support for SSL v3 from all web servers and load balancers. Updates were completed on Wednesday 15th October 2014.

The second notable vulnerability was in OpenSSL. All servers were patched and affected servers or services rebooted on Thursday 16th October 2014. This patch also provided additional protection against the POODLE bug.

MyDrive Solutions’ operational staff closely monitor security disclosure announcements, and patched all systems immediately when patches were issued by our operating system vendor. Our automated configuration management tools allow us to apply security patches such as this across our entire infrastructure in moments.

We continue to proactively monitor our suppliers and vendors for issues arising from security announcements.

We do not believe any action is required from our customers.