Out with the old. In with the new.

MyDrive Solutions is pleased to reveal its new visual brand identity and two new logos. As you know, our company has recently announced its expansion with its acquisition by the Generali Group. As we become a Group hub for telematics and big data, we want to make sure our new identity matches our future.


Each element of the new brand and visual identity highlights the strategic focus to set new standards within the telematics industry. Every Interaction, a London-based UI Design studio helped us design this new identity. The logo embodies the new MyDrive using a modern and simple typography.

The new visual identity builds on the company’s leadership position and expertise in providing motor insurers with a contextualised solution that assesses performance in key driving behaviours and delivers instructive feedbacks to improve the way drivers see the road.


Our website will also get a new facelift is the next few weeks to match this new visual identity! Stay tuned!