Business benefits

What MyDrive can do for your business

We are committed to delivering world-class analytics capabilities that can meet your business needs and help you find solutions to your challenges.

Create accurate customer
risk profiling

MyDrive’s driving profiler complements the traditional rating variables (age, geography, type of vehicle…) with behavioural-based rating, which has been shown to be the best predictor of risk, and provides you with better insights into the risk posed by drivers.



Optimise premiums

MyDrive’s telematics proposition provides both vehicle and driver insight. Our Insurers Portal enables you to monitor your customers driving performance over time, to be in a better position to offer “usage-based” or “pay-as-you-drive” insurance models.

Improve customer retention and renewals

In a time when insurance is becoming more and more commoditised we help you engage with and retain your customers by delivering value-added, customer-focused services.



Reduce claims and fraud

According to the British Insurers Association, 75% of motor accident personal injury claims in the UK are for whiplash, compared with an average of 40% throughout the rest of Europe. Automotive telematics helps you reduce car insurance fraud by getting key information on vehicle operations, driving behaviour, vehicle position, etc.

What MyDrive can do for your customers

Find out what the MyDrive solution can bring to your customers and how it can benefit your business over time.

Benefits for your customers