Customer benefits

Retain your customers by providing them
with fairer insurance prices.

Encourage safe driving by analysing risk and offering fairer premiums to your best customers.

Encourage safer driving

Excessive or inappropriate speed is known to be a key contributory factor in crashes involving young drivers in the UK and elsewhere. The MyDrive Solutions App makes driving smarter and safer by providing your policyholders with educational feedback after each trip they take, to improve their driving habits.



Fairer insurance prices

Premiums are often based on how the average driver drives. Our telematics solution enables you to analyse how a vehicle has been driven and offer lower premiums to your best drivers. You’ll reduce the number of claims and cut the costs for your business.

Reduce environmental impact

There are different steps that your customers can take to reduce their environmental impact: smoother acceleration, anticipating braking events… Through our educational tool, MyDrive helps your policyholders save money on fuel and adopt a greener driving style.


An app experience for your customers

MyDrive delivers its unique user experience through an app that can be white-labelled to your business brands. Features and functionality can be enable or disabled based on your unique requirements giving your customers a world-class app experience.

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