Our mobile application

Monitor and improve your customers’ driving behaviour

MyDrive makes driving safer and smarter. Our app encourages your customers to become better drivers by recording all their trips and sending them feedback to improve the way they see the road. After each trip, MyDrive calculates a Driver Score based on speed, braking, acceleration levels and cornering and gives your customers all the tools they need to improve their score and become safer drivers.

Automatic trip recording

The MyDrive app detects when the car is moving providing your customer’s smartphone is switched on. It will record all trips to make sure we collect the right data to build a driver profile and send top road safety tips to your customers.


Your Driver Score

After having recorded at least 250 miles or 400 kilometers, the driver will be presented with his overall Driver Score as well as his Behaviour scores (anticipation, calmness, smoothness and pace). The Driver Score presents a rounded overall assessment of all aspects of the driver’s capability. The Behaviour scores are skewed to highlight specific characteristics of the driver’s ability.

View trip summaries and progress

After each trip, the driver will get a summary of all the trips taken as well as a progress chart.

Receive educational driving feedback

After each trip, the driver receives top road safety tips to help him improve his driving habits. We are working with driving experts to make sure each driver has the tools he needs to become a better driver.