What we do

Providing an end-to-end telematics solution to insurance companies .

MyDrive is a world leader in delivering highly accurate and detailed driver profiles to clients to help them gain a better understanding of an individual driver’s ability. MyDrive has successfully implemented projects for many insurers around the world; we understand the complexity of telematics-based policy as a whole, the importance of having access to granular data and the consequent risk calculation presented to drivers

Device agnostic implementation

Irrespective of the device used to collect the data, the analysis, interpretation and consequent calculation of a driver ability remains the same.

MyDrive can assist clients in deciding which is the most suitable device to support their individual telematics program. There is no single correct answer, the correct approach is always determined by the specific proposition, the particular segment addressed and the business case.


Ease-of-use, low cost
Increase your speed to market by eliminating the need for logistics and hardware.

On-Board-Device (OBD)

Self-install, more reliable data
This device, plugged into the vehicle’s OBD II port by the customer, enables services such as crash detection, remote diagnostics

Professionally installed device

Continuous assessment, most reliable data
it requires professional installation which varies from simple to invasive.

Assessing your customer driving behaviour

Assess individual driver risk

Accurate Data Collection & Data Analytics

The MyDrive solution records driver behaviour data on a per-second basis which is a minimum requirement for any telematics solution to provide the detailed granularity of data required to properly assess driving style.

Contextualised mapping against road topography

You must understand the road feature that a driver is attempting to negotiate to determine his capability. We deliver the level of contextualised detail required to accurately understand a driver’s behaviour and we further benchmark an individual’s behaviour against an agreed set of expert safe drivers on a national level.

Drivers' behavioural scoring

Our profiler assesses drivers by their behaviour on 72 varieties of road type and road setting. It also assesses a driver’s performance by considering their pace, smoothness, calmness, anticipation and the consistency of driving as they progress through their journey.

Understanding driving behaviour

Psychology against road differences
When it comes to driving, people will react differently to a situation and all sorts of elements can influence the result: Is the driver male or female, old or young, is the car new or old? MyDrive has worked with the best universities to design its profiler to make sure we understand each driver’s behaviour.

Young drivers
According to BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association), young drivers, especially male drivers, are most likely to have an accident and two out of every five take place between 11pm and 6am. Telematics insurance policies which base premiums on the way you drive can help inexperienced drivers, less frequent drivers with a low annual mileage or young drivers become better drivers.

The future of telematics: Smart Homes and Health Insurance

We have been deploying data science in motor profiling to transform the collected information into insight. As the “smart home” and “wearables” phenomena are being adopted by consumers to enhance their daily life, MyDrive is looking to apply its experience within motor insurance to these new fields to deliver world-class telematics solutions.

MyDrive is in constant and active development with a dedicated team of agile developers, researchers and data experts so you can be sure you’re always getting the most innovative and up-to-date benefits.

What MyDrive can do for your business

MyDrive has the ability and capacity to offer the best telematics solution to meet your business requirements and help you accomplish your business challenges.

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