Telematic insurance for business

MyDrive is the leading profiling company in the world, offering second-by-second measurements to help clients aggregate, synthesise and analyse driver data.

MyDrive in-car telematic devices offer highly accurate and granular driver profiles to the insurer, which is ideally suited for business and corporate use. MyDrive does not stipulate which data collection device is used, focusing only on the accuracy of data and risk reduction for drivers, reducing expenditure for businesses.

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The importance of regular data collection

  • MyDrive was the first UK telematics provider to record driver behaviour on a second-by-second basis, as opposed to 30-second ‘snap shot’ recording.
  • Insurance companies have realised the importance of more regular data logging for improved accuracy in driver behaviour profiling.
  • Telematic data collection is assessed on an individual basis, with correct approaches determined by particular case details.

Driver risk reduction

  • Businesses are also given an overall driver score and can interact with the wealth of information provided by the telematics measuring.
  • Businesses can assess a driver’s performance using set criteria, including speed, smoothness, calmness, anticipation and consistency throughout the journey.
  • They can use this detailed information to influence driving habits for safer journeys in the future.
  • Further enhancements and improvement is also possible by digging deeper in the vast amounts of data provided.

Ability benchmarking

  • MyDrive data is contextualised against road topography, as it is vital for accurately understanding the road features drivers are negotiating.
  • To further understand drivers’ behaviour accurately it is benchmarked against an agreed set of expert RoSPA qualified drivers in the UK.
  • MyDrive allows business to assess drivers by their behaviour on 72 varieties of road type and setting, plus the driver’s familiarity with specific roads.